Sub Rosa (2014) M4ufree

Sub Rosa (2014) Free Movie

Genre: Drama

Director: Philipp Link

Stars: Thimo Meitner Sorina Gajewski Kathleen Gallego Zapata

Vote: 7.7

Quality: SD

Sub Rosa (2014) In the restrictive environment of the parish, Anna and her older brother Alexander each try to find their way in life. Anna chooses a path of rebellion and revolts openly against the dogmas and prohibitions of the parish, whereas Alexander feigns a life of conformity, playing out his desires and fantasies in secrecy. The mother, as the undisputed head of the family, tries to serve the parish in an overly ambitious manner while trying to keep the image of a perfect family. The father, leaves the family leadership to his wife and surrenders to his passiveness. As the conflict between Anna and her mother aggravates and Alexander's dark side begins to threaten his regular life, the delusive image of the perfect suburban family starts to fall apart.